Operation Imagination

Offered in the spring, OPERAtion Imagination is an off-season educational outreach program featuring the interactive presentation of opera scenes to local school children.  Developed and presented by local professional singers with piano accompaniment, specific scenes are explained and then performed for the students.  The scenes are performed in the original language with minimal props and simple costuming.  Scenes are selected from the standard opera repertoire and chosen for age appropriateness, students’ interests and attention spans.  The 35-45 minute interactive presentation is offered to area schools at no charge.

The “Create Your Own Opera Scene Workshop” is offered in follow-up to the in-school presentation.  This workshop is geared to students grades 2 – 8.  Participants observe an opera scene performed live, and with explanation, by local singers/educators.  The students, in groups, then develop their own ending for the scene, writing a new libretto and composing melodies.  The students learn and sing the new music and stage the new scene.  Following rehearsal, the scene is performed for an audience of family and friends on the same day.  Workshops and performances usually take place at the Calumet Theatre or the Rozsa Center.